SHOCK at sydney teenager’s “facebook murder”

two days after Nona Belomesoff went on a trip with the man, who told her they were going to rescue injured animals was found dead. the 20-year-old man was charged with Belomesoff’s murder…

this happened after nona befriended Dannevig, who police say set up a fake Facebook profile in which he claimed to work for an animal welfare group.

“She loved animals and saw this as an opportunity to follow her dream,” her brother Gary said. “Nona said if she didn’t go she would lose her job and this job was her dream,” he said. “So she just went and that was the last time we saw her.”

Detective Russell Oxford, who is leading the investigation, said the case was a reminder to young people about the dangers of trusting strangers on social networking sites. “It’s an area where predators and perverts and other people just get onto. You just don’t know who you could be talking to,” he said.


One Response to “SHOCK at sydney teenager’s “facebook murder””

  1. rollingsal Says:

    Nice article girl!!! haha

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