the mo’ u read!

Go check ohe BBC News website.
1. What are the latest headlines ?

2. Now, find one article that interests you.  Read it and post what it’s about to your blog.
Protests across US over Arizona Immigration law

The bill allows police to question and detain anyone they believe could be an illegal immigrant. Man say that the law could lead to Hispanics being targeted, and inflame racial tensions. But supporters say it will help bring illegal immigration under control in Arizona – a state which is the main entry point for undocumented immigrants into the US.

Personally i believe that this law is affecting every hispanic in this country. many say that this is not racial profiling but for example lets say a police from arizona  see three men driving down the road two of mexican decent and the other is white….. they pull the car over because the police officer “reasonably suspects” that both men are in the country illegally,… one of the two hispanics is legal the other is not…. they let the white man go but still hold the Hispanics up until they could show legal documentation. On what basis did he make this suspicion? And consider the man who was in the country legally; he was detained for no reason, or was it simply because he talked… he dressed… he was a Mexican? How is this not racial profiling or profiling by stereotypes?


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