Peggy Noonan?

peggy noonan

1. Who is Peggy Noonan?
Peggy is a columnist for The Wall Street Journal and the best selling author of seven books on American Politics, history and culture.

2. List some of her accomplishments.
she was one of the ten historians and writters who contributed essays on the american presidency for the book character above all
she was special assistant to Pres Reagan
and she was chief speechwriter for Bush
she was also a producer at CBS news NY…

3. What was her role in working with the late President Ronald Reagan?
she was his speech writer

4. What format for delivering a speech does Peggy Noonan recommend that you always follow?
tell them what you are going to tell them and tell them what you just told them

5. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about Mrs. Noonan?
that she  was a great contributer to this countrt


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