Web Critique…… ugh…

Site Purpose

  1. Does the site have a distinct, easily recognizable purpose?
    Yes it is to advertise a chinese restaurant called KUNG FOOD
  2. Is that purpose reinforced throughout the site?
    Yes it is mentioned throughout the site….. it shows things that appeals to the restaurant
  3. Does the site prominently feature the company’s Unique Value Position (USP) on the home page and primary entry pages. You only have a few seconds to capture a customer/visitor. You need to rapidly tell them why you are different from other similar companies / sites.
    Yes because  it’s slogan catches your attention “chinese with a kick!”

Content is KING

  1. Does the site have a substantial amount of significant, interesting text and visual content for its target audience? Does it have better content than its competitors.
    Umm… it kind of does. the logo is very interesting


  1. Does the site have a consistent feel and appearance or does it feel piecemeal constructed?
    YEhhh it consists of the same colors throughout.
  2. Easily Navigated?
    Yes the Navigation buttons are all in the same place and easy to understand.
  3. Is the site too deep? (Too many clicks to find desired info)
    No all desired info is easy to find.
  4. Is the use of scrolling minimized, especially on primary navigation pages.
    the pages are fairly short and you don’t have to scroll alot.
  5. Are navigation methods consistent and in similar locations?
    Yes they are all in the same spot=)
  6. Are symbols, icons, photos or graphics used for navigation obvious in terms of what they represent?
    there really isn’t much icons, photos, or graphics used for navigation.
  7. Does the home page establish the basic navigation methods?
  8. Are places viewers are to click obvious?
    Yes they appear to be links so its pretty obvious
  9. Is a consistent navigation bar(s) provided?
  10. Is the color code on the links and previously followed links intuitive? Are they easy to see against the background color and images?
    yes they are visible and color coded.


  1. Would it be considered visually appealing by its target audience?
    yes it uses vibrant attractive colors


  1. Besides having a consistent feel throughout the site, is that feel and image consistent with the image and feel presented through other media and the products of the company involved?
  2. Does each page bear the corporate logo?
    yes at the top ::
  3. Are colors consistent with other corporate images?
    Yess…. they are

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