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1. What is flash ?
Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) is a multimedia platformused to add animation, video, and interactivity to Web pages. Flash is frequently used for advertisements and games.

2. What percentage of computers support / can play flash ?
97.2% of computes in AME-RIkAhh!!

3. Does the Apple I-Pad and I-Phone support flash ?  Why not ?
no apple wont allow adobe flash on iphone!

4. What is the future of flash ?  Will it be supported or will  it die out ?  Give a link to one article to support your answer.



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what are your plans this summer ?
ii plaN t0 have a summer just like every 0ther year..!

where do you plan to go?

  • MiSSiSSiPPi
  • FLO-RIDA.hh
  • Da Beach..!
  • CARowiNDz
  • WORkk (ima’ behh.stackin [$$] money.lyk.buildin.blox)
  • and any where else i wanna go. =)

what do you plan to do?
have fun, chilll wit my FAM[ily] & FRiEndz o and Mi BBy!

go online and find an article that relates to your plans.  for instance, if u r going to florida go find an article about florida, if you are going to build a house, go find an article about building a house.
post a summary of the article in your own words and give a link.


“umm.. . .  it talks aabout havin summer FUN.!”

who will win AM. IDOL?

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Who will win the NBA championship. Give your opinion and find an article to support your answer. and tell why?

umm i really don’t know and really don’t care… but if i had to make a choice i would choose the LAKERS simply because they are from CALI_bby!…. =) but here are some articles that you may find interesting…



Taliban suicide bomb hits NATO…

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Afghan commando forces arrive after suicide bombers attacked in Afghanistan,

A Taliban suicide car bomber struck a NATO convoy in the Afghan capital Tuesday, killing six troops, five of them American, officials said. Twelve Afghan civilians also died and many of them on a public bus in rush-hour traffic

SHOCK at sydney teenager’s “facebook murder”

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two days after Nona Belomesoff went on a trip with the man, who told her they were going to rescue injured animals was found dead. the 20-year-old man was charged with Belomesoff’s murder…

this happened after nona befriended Dannevig, who police say set up a fake Facebook profile in which he claimed to work for an animal welfare group.

“She loved animals and saw this as an opportunity to follow her dream,” her brother Gary said. “Nona said if she didn’t go she would lose her job and this job was her dream,” he said. “So she just went and that was the last time we saw her.”

Detective Russell Oxford, who is leading the investigation, said the case was a reminder to young people about the dangers of trusting strangers on social networking sites. “It’s an area where predators and perverts and other people just get onto. You just don’t know who you could be talking to,” he said.

Fifa Suspends ((El-Salvador))

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Fifa accused the Salvadoran government of interfering in the game by refusing to recognise local football officials it had appointed.

If the dispute is not resolved, three El Salvadoran referees will not be able to take part in the World Cup finals in South Africa in June.

The El Salvador team did not qualify for the competition.

Fifa says it considers this to be political interference in the game.

It says the suspension could be finalised at a meeting of its executive committee and congress on 8 June if the Salvadoran government does not change its position.