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1. What is web traffic? Give two examples.
Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website.
1.Pay For It.
2.Borrow It.
3.Create It.
2. Describe the difference between website “hits” and website “unique visits.” Yup, you’re going to have to do a little research.

A hit is the result of a file being requested and served from your web site. This can be a html document, an image file, an audio track etc. etc. Web pages that contain a large number of elements will return high hit scores. Hits are of very little consequence when analysing your visitor demographic

A unique visitor is where stats really count. It is someone with a unique IP address who is entering a Web site for the first time that day. Your IP address is an identifier, while you are using it, no else on the Internet can utilise that particular set of numbers. Your number is counted once, usually for a 2-24 hour period, dependent up the tracking software. So no matter how many times a visitor refreshes or navigates through your web site, they will only be counted once for the specified time period. This is by far the more accurate way of analysing web site performance.

3. Tell why it is important to know both “hits” and “unique visits” for any given website. Also, tell which one (hits or unique visits) is most useful for determining web traffic and overall website effectiveness?
It can help you determine the effectiveness of your opening statement or if the time to load is too slow. UNIQUE VISITS are most useful for determining web traffic and over all web effectiveness
Hits, Unique Visitors & page views

4. Now, go to the website called http://www.alexa.com
a. What is the top website in the world ?
b. What is the top website in Japan ?
c. Now, find the global traffic rank for the “official” Avatar movie website using alexa.co


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