OlYMPiC*-SpEEd Sk8N!

Speed skating is a competitive form of ice skating where competitors race against each other in traveling a certain distance on ice skates. Some types of speed skating are long track speed skating, short track speed skating, and marathon speed skating. In the Olympic Games, long track speed skating is usually referred to as just “speed skating”, while short track speed skating is known as “short track”..

Nancy Swider-Peltz Jr. from Wheaton, IL is the woman representing the USA in this 2010 olympics. Her coach is Nancy Swider-Peltz Sr. [mother]. Nancy Jr. won her first all-around national title Sunday, but speedskating fans already know her name. She is the daughter of Jeff Peltz and four-time Olympic speedskater Nancy Swider-Peltz, who competed at her last Winter Games in 1988. She is aiming to make her first U.S. Olympic team. She won the 5,000 and 3,000 meters at the U.S. Long Track Speedskating National Championships in Milwaukee. Today she will race in the 500 and 1,000, her favorite distance.


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