WHaTs YoUR HObbiE…

1. Research several websites to find one article that provides information about your hobby/interest.  Your article must come from a reputable source such as a major organization with an established website OR an industry expert/professional.
I found an article that basically describes what photography is. In the article it says that photography is the science of capturing light onto a piece of film and that it also is the art of capturing an image in history which is very amusing.(photography) Also as i was looking i came across an article made by a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. It is titled 100 things i have learned about photography…(ART_iNSTiTuTe)
According to About.com Graphic design is the art or profession of visual communication that ties images, words, and ideas to get a message out to an audience. Graphic design is all around us, when you wake up every morning to drink a nice cold glass of juice you may notice the label which was done by a graphic designer or perhaps you have turned on the television and saw and ad for a certain brand of shoes it was also done by a graphic designer…

///A little bit about photography and graphic design in my perspective///
i personally think photography has come a long way. we now have the power to edit and enhance an images as much as we want. you can now add text and ideas to an image to make it your own. now photography and graphic design goes hand in hand.


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