TooLz oF thE TrAdE

move tool allows you to move objects from one place in the picture to another
rectangle, elliptical, single row, single column marquee tools are selection tools.
lasso tool allows you to draw free hand an straight edge selection
quick selection and magic wand tool allows you to select an area based on its color.
Crop and slice selection allows you to divide the image into sections.
color sampler allows you to get any color from the image
History uses part of a previous state of an image.
Erasers are used erase pixels they are erased to transparency.
Paint bucket fills an image area based on colors around it
spot healing brush allows you to fix the images imperfections
Then Brush, pencil and color replacer are two tools that allow you to draw directly onto the image.
clone stamp allows you to duplicate part of an image.
text tool allows you to add text to an image
zoom tool allows you to zoom in or out of the image


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