ThE WoRld WiDe WeB…

1. Why do you think the internet is referred to as the World Wide Web (www) ?
The internet is an electronic communications network. It is the structure on which the World Wide Web is based on. Think of the Internet as a bus, and the Web as the people within the bus….grumpy passengers, screaming babies, and people talking too loud. the World Wide Web is a part of the Internet designed to allow easier navigation through the use of graphical user interfaces and hypertext links between different addresses.

2. What do you think makes a website effective?
The reason i  think what makes websites effective is that in a simple click of a button you can be doing multiple things at one time.

3. Find an article that gives at least 3 tips on how to design an effective website.
on (SMASHING MAG) they give ten principles of effective web design such as:
1.DONT MAKE YOUR USERS THINK-make things very explanatory and obvious
2.STRIVE FOR FEATURE EXPOSURE-help guide the users and let them see what functions are available

3.STRIVE FOR SIMPLICITY-keep it simple

4. Read the article, and make a post to your blog that describes what the article is about.  Also tell what one tip you think is most important and why.
This article is basically telling you how to start an effective web page. It gives you ways you can appeal to your users. And also gives examples on how users think.


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