In this article (exposure basics) i learned how exposure and creative photography go hand in hand in photography .To enhance your photo you will need to change the aperture or shutter speed under certain lighting. and also you can change the ISO. For the ppl who dont know wat aperture, shutter speed, and ISo are

>Shutter Speed- is the mount of time the shutter stays open to receive light
Slow speed can depict motion in ways the unaided eye cannot see.
Fast speed on the other hand freezes motion.

>Aperture* is the diameter of the opening in the lens (AN EXAMPLE COULD BE YOUR IRIS)). It determines how sharp or unsharp the background will be. The WIDER it becomes the faster the shutter speed. and the more unsharp the background becomes

>ISO- is the cameras sensors sensitivity to light. So if for any reason you need more or less light to affect how the aperture and shutter speed are set, you simply raise or lower the ISO setting in the camera. go to a higher number for more light or lower ISO for less light.

the one on the left USES 100 ISO and the one on the right USES 3200 ISO


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