At tHE ZOo!

1. What favorite animals will you most likely take pictures of?
I would take pictures of the zebras and giraffes!!

2. What kinds of photos will you take (wide photos or close-ups or both)
I would take wide photos to show the things around them but then again i wouldnt want to use it all the time because the image looses quality when you try to get range so i would use the close-up ones more to show an emphasis on the animal and to get a better quality picture…

3. Name the lens you will bring and its brand
Canon EF 100-400mm ƒ/4.5-5.6L IS USM

4. How much does this lens cost?
Estimated street prices for these run from around $4,000 to over $10,000.

5. List 3 specs for the lens and briefly tell what each means
L-series super telephoto zoom lens equipped with an Image Stabilizer.
(((Telephoto zoom lenses allow you to capture details normally missed by the eye. Capture the far off action of fast-paced sports or zoom in for an intimate portrait with a blurred background. The unique property of these lenses to compress images allows you to create a variety of impressive images.)))
fluorite and Super UD-glass elements largely eliminate secondary spectrum.
((in case of photographic lenses, the dispersion causes color fringes at the edge of subjects, which is called axial chromatic aberration, and as a result, deterioration of image quality of photography))
The floating system also ensures high picture quality at all focal lengths. The Image Stabilizer has two modes and it is compatible with Extenders 1.4x II and 2x II.

6. Why did you choose this lens instead of other ones?
it had a 91% recommendation!
100-4000L is quality piece of glass.With 5D MK2 full frame camera it is dream.very sharp at F/8 till 350mm.and 400mm is very acceptable images can give.


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